Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements

What is a pre-need funeral arrangement?

Pre-funding or simply pre-planning your funeral arrangements can take away uncertainty about your wishes, eliminate potential disagreements, and often may remove financial concerns. For some it is a way of limiting the burden placed upon their surviving next of kin.

Who can arrange a pre-need?

It is our policy to meet with the person for whom the pre-plan is being made personally. This meeting may take place in the setting of this persons’ choosing if coming to our location is a hardship.

If there is a Power of Attorney or a Representation Agreement in place then the person appointed this way may make arrangements on the person’s behalf.

What happens at a pre-need arrangement meeting?

You sit down with a funeral director and discuss what you need for yourself and/or your loved one. In a safe environment and without the urgency of immediate need or the stress of bereavement, ideas for a celebration of life can be considered carefully. Our funeral director records the personal information of the person for whom the service is being planned. This information is required to register the person’s death should the time come.

What should you bring to a pre-need arrangement meeting?

The funeral director at Clayton’s will be required to produce a death certificate when the time comes. To provide this important service there are certain documents that are needed to provide the information necessary to register a person with Vital Statistics (Government Agency).

These documents are:

  • A legal will (if one exists)
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if arranging for spouse)
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Personal health card
  • Power of attorney or representative agreement (if applicable)

What about the money?

A pre-need funeral arranged at Clayton’s is funded through a policy with Assurant Life of Canada/FamilySide Canada. The funds to pay for the funeral services you selected are held by them until payment for services is required.

Payment Options

  • When pre-funding your funeral with Clayton’s, a pre-need insurance policy covers the majority of the cost of the funeral services needed at the time of death.
  • This policy may be paid in full upfront as a lump sum payment.
  • The payment plans offered by FamilySide are calculated as monthly premium payments based upon a combination of the age of the person being covered and the number of years chosen by the plan (up to 10 years for standard plan).

What happens when these services are finally needed?

The information and documentation we have on file in concert with the arrangement with insurance company allows us to provide the services immediately upon permission being received from the next of kin/executor in accordance to the plans made. A few documents still need to be signed by the next of kin in many cases.

Services/merchandise not guaranteed at a fixed price in the contract or additional services not included in the pre-plan will add to the overall final cost. These final costs are subtracted from the funds available in the policy. This may lead additional to payment being required to complete our services or in some cases result in Assurant Life returning the remaining balance to the estate or beneficiary.

Can I plan my funeral with Clayton’s and put the money aside myself?

Yes, you can. It is very important that the funds be in an account that is easy to find and not difficult for your survivors to access at the time of need. We can still sit with you and plan for the service, make certified copies of important documents to have on file for when the time of need arrives.

What happens if I move to another town?

If you have arranged for a pre-funded plan through FamilySide (the organization we deal with), those funds paid into the program are yours to take wherever you may move to. You are NOT required to have Clayton’s provide the services or merchandise you have chosen in any way. The plan we use is fully transportable to anywhere in Canada.

This document is meant to provide a brief outline of what preplanning a funeral service with Clayton’s Funeral Directors may involve. Everyone’s needs are different, and so are the details of what we can offer our families when arranging for these services.

For more information, please give us a call.

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